Allergic reactions, oh my.

Well, I’ve been a little MIA from this blog lately. Aside from being busy with my various jobs, I have been dealing with allergic reactions. The weird thing is, I’ve never really been allergic to anything my whole life. [The only exception – Lactose, but that’s more of an intolerance than an allergy.]

It all started after a night out at a restaurant – Mondo’s. I have visited Mondo’s countless times and never had any type of reaction or sickness from there. That night I decided to try the Portobello Cappellinni… It was delicious, and I felt completely normal after eating it…

Fast forward to about 5 am. I hadn’t been sleeping well, but I woke up with a really strange feeling. I could feel that something was wrong with my lip, so I got up and took a look in the mirror. To my surprise, my lip was swollen about 4 times it’s normal size. My lip has been swollen before, so I wasn’t extremely concerned about it, but I was mainly panicking because J and I had just gotten football tickets to the ‘biggest’ Iowa game of the season, (IA vs IA state), and I wanted to make sure I’d be OK for tailgating and the game. (I am an Iowa football freak, I know)

I woke Jerad up, and we decided it would be best to go to the emergency room to see if they could give me anything to take the swelling down asap… (also, make sure nothing too serious was wrong!)

{Side note, when we got to ER, I found it kind of funny that we were sort of ignored for the first few moments of standing there, then told by the nurse, “I’ll be right back…” without her even knowing what was wrong with me. I could have been dying! Apparently she wasn’t overly concerned….}

Emergency Room
Not a happy camper.

After getting checked out by the nurse and doctor, they decided that I had some sort of allergic reaction, and sent me on my way with some Benedryl and Prednisone. I went back to bed, woke up a few hours later with my lip still swollen but looking a little better, so I decided tailgating was in order.

The swelling eventually went down throughout the day, and the game was a success. (except the part where we lost…. boo Iowa)


Fast forward again, to Sunday. I had taken my leftover Cappellinni home with me on Friday, not knowing that it was going to cause an allergic reaction… Since I couldn’t eat it, J decided he would have the rest. I didn’t think anything of it, and was glad at least one of us would get to enjoy it. What I didn’t realize, was that whatever I was allergic to, was now on his body, and he passed it onto me.

Yes, that’s right, another allergic reaction within 48 hours. Awesome. I woke up on Monday morning with my entire face swollen. I popped in my new cocktail of Benedryl and Prednisone, and went to work…. (I’m such a trooper)

After two reactions and the fact that the Cappellinni had been involved with both, I knew something in it was the culprit. The weird thing is, I got an ingredient list from the restaurant, and everything in the dish I’ve eaten a million times throughout my life. (Things like butter, garlic, portobello mushrooms, veggie stock, etc.)

I’m thinking it’s time to set up an appointment with the allergist and figure out what the dealio is. My husband and I’s theory is that maybe the mushrooms were extra “fungi-y” and that’s what caused the reaction…? I’ve had mushrooms on a pizza since then, and was completely fine.

Have you ever had a sudden, weird allergic reaction to something you’ve always eaten? 

Allergic reactions, oh my.

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